4 Common Causes for Car Battery Issues

Even though batteries are such a crucial component of any vehicle, they’re often pretty problematic. If your car has ever refused to start, making you late for work or leaving you helpless at the side of a road, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Think of the battery as the heart of your car. It continuously pumps power into your vehicle, allowing it to start up and keep running. The problem is that many things can mess with the battery and interrupt this flow of power. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the commonest causes for car battery issues:


Human error is the cause for many bad things in our lives and a dead car battery is no exception. If your lights don’t switch off automatically once the engine is stopped, then you’re more likely to have a flat battery on your hand.

Lights (both interior and exterior) can quickly drain your battery if you neglect to switch them off manually. Soon, your battery will be so dry that there won’t be enough power left to even get the car started. Therefore, before you leave the car always make sure to check the dashboard and confirm that all lights are off. You may want to check the headlight and indicator switches just to be extra careful.

Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures and batteries don’t go well together. This is because the chemical reaction that occurs inside of batteries (which allow them to output energy) is slowed down when it’s cold. As a result, it may prove difficult to start up your car.

In cases like this a battery charger like the GENIUS smart charger from NOCO accessories can help. These can help speed up the reaction to the optimal rate, allowing you to start up the car without a problem. However, if your car battery has discharged completely, you may need to jump start it.

Excessive Strain

If you’re constantly charging your phone, running DVD players, ham radios and powering other things through your car, you might be putting a lot of strain on your battery. As a result, it can lose its own power pretty quickly. Hence, it’s best to limit the amount of power you use at the same time.

If you absolutely must do all of those things, then the best solution is to purchase a more powerful battery.

Stop-Start Driving

When you turn on and turn off your car at very short intervals, it can put a huge strain on your car battery. This in turn can quickly shorten its batteries lifespan. Hence, if you’ve turned on your vehicle, keep the engine running for a while before you turn it on. This means no switching off the car at traffic lights! You won’t actually be saving money because you may have to replace your battery sooner.

And that’s four of the commonest causes of car battery issues. If you’ve owned a car for some time, then you’ve probably encountered one or two of these issues. You can avoid them in the future by simply sticking to a regular maintenance routine.

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