5 Most Unique Wedding Location Ideas

Modern wedding ceremonies are more creative when it comes to picking the location. Aside from the traditional church wedding, there are now plenty of venues you can choose from depending on which one suits your theme. Whether it is a vintage-themed wedding, a garden wedding or whatever theme you have in mind, here are some of the most unique wedding venue ideas you can choose from.


Museums are just one of the classic options on contemporary weddings. Choose a museum depending on what theme you want to achieve. There are lots of different museums to choose from such as national history museums, children’s museums and many more. Most museums have their own guest-entertainment so make sure to take advantage of it. After the ceremony, you can also request a guided tour on different exhibits to keep your guests entertained. Your wedding will surely have a classic historical feel, having exhibits serve as your decor and backdrop for photos.


For a classy wedding with a mystical feel, a vineyard is one of the best locations you’ve been looking for. The grape vines provide a lovely natural decoration for your wedding so you can surely cut up on expenses. Your guests will surely enjoy lots of activities around such as wine tasting and many more. Check out Yarra Valley vineyards to make this wonderful day extra special.

Public Parks

Public parks such as city or national parks are the most popular choice among couples who are up for a unique wedding venue. The stunning scenery around can definitely serve as a wonderful background for your photo shoot. Since it is a public space, some of them ask for a permit first before allowing you to host a ceremony there. Most public parks have limitations and won’t allow you to book a certain area for a long time. It is best if you only hold the ceremony there and do the reception somewhere else like a hotel or restaurant nearby.

Theme Park

For free-spirited couples who are young at heart, a theme park wedding is a good idea to try. Most theme park owners accept wedding ceremony reservations and set them before or after their operating hours. Aside from the fun vibe all over the place, your guests may also enjoy the park’s amenities such as rides. Make sure to book on a nearby hotel so your guests won’t have a hard time in attending your wedding.


For animal lovers, a zoo wedding is a perfect choice. Most public zoos accept event reservations provided that it is done before or after operating hours. You may choose to set up decorations or just let the venue speak for itself. You and your guests can even enjoy a fun photo shoot featuring the animals in the zoo.

Wedding locations don’t need to be flat or boring. With these creative wedding venue ideas, you can surely make good memories of your special day in a unique and more interesting way. Check out the list above to see which one suits your tastes the most.

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