Beginner 4×4 tracks in Victoria

Have you just gotten into off-roading? You can’t use just any road. There are thankfully many fits for beginners in Victoria. We discussed 4 of the best below. Why don’t you read ahead?

Toolangi State Forest

The forest is one of the most popular for off-roading, not just for beginners but for intermediaries too.

The best time to visit it would be during the summer. Otherwise, the roads can get quite muddy. The summer is when the scenic environment would shine its best too.

As the forest can get wet, you’re advised to bring anti-bog equipment.

One of the best things about Toolangi is not just the various 4×4 paths, but there are also grounds for you to camp. The camping sites are superb as you have access to toilets and picnic areas.

You’ll have to pay a fee to enter. It’d be around $7.


Tallarook has tracks that are great for newbies. There are some that are more difficult as well. The more challenging paths include steep hills and boulders.

The tracks for both beginners and intermediaries are not that long. The ones for newbies are especially short.

There are camping sites, if you’re thinking of staying for days. They would include bathrooms.

The tracks generally won’t be muddy. But during the wet-season, they can be a mess. You’re advised to bring anti-bog equipment.

Woods Point

From the three so far, Woods Point is the furthest away from Melbourne. The distance to the city would be 178 KM. The roads offered aren’t exactly for newbies, but beginners who want to try more extensive roads.

The tracks are easier to try during the dryer months than the winter. During the winter, snow fills up the dry land causing it to be a bigger challenge to driver through. Slipping on icy roads would be an issue as well. Step up the 4×4 accessories and bring hardy chains.

We believe Woods Point provides the best camping sites. You get high altitude views that will take your breath away.


The tracks in Warburton are breezes to pass. They can be bit a messy due to the clay and mud, but this does not affect their difficulty.

Warburton is in an incredible location. Once you’re done with the off-roading, you can visit one of the many vineyards and wineries in the area.

Like the majority of entries we discussed, the location also offers tracks fit for more experienced drivers. These roads would include steep rocks and slippery tracks.

Due to how muddy Warburton is, don’t forget your recovery gear. The muddy terrain can be confusing without a map. Why don’t you get your hands on one?

Final Thoughts

Which of the four do you think you’ll be visiting? They’re all great for beginners. But they offer tracks that experts would also love. From the assortment, Woods Point is the furthest away from Melbourne City. Warburton is the closest, being 75 KM away. We believe Woods Point is the best, mostly due to its amazing campsite.

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