Quick and Easy Car Care Tips for Your Volkswagen

Many people choose Volkswagen due to its excellent quality. Some consider VWs a luxurious vehicle choice but it is actually a wise decision to make if you want your car to be safe, strong, stable and durable.

However, no matter how durable your car is, it also pays to give it proper maintenance to extend its longevity. There are lots of myths regarding Volkswagen servicing. Here, we debunk these false speculations to make car maintenance more convenient for you.

Myths Behind VW Maintenance

Most users hold on to a few false beliefs about maintaining their VW making the supposed to be convenient maintenance even complicated. Some users think that their car warranty will be voided if they take their vehicle for maintenance and repair to other shops. This is actually false since you are very free to take your car to any independent service shops nearest to you. If you’re living around Victoria, have your car checked by a professional Volkswagen mechanic in Melbourne for repair or maintenance. There’s nothing wrong in letting the dealership do the maintenance and repair of your car, however, they cost slightly higher than their independent alternatives. As long as they are certified on these types of cars, you can let an independent service shop handle your vehicle. You’re not losing anything because of it after all.

Since most parts of VWs need to be imported, people think that they cost a lot than other cars. When you think about the overall cost of maintenance, VWs cost almost the same as its counterparts. You can prevent expensive major repair costs by adhering to the proper maintenance schedule. Even if you’re free to let independent repair shops service your car, this doesn’t mean that any mechanic can do it. Your VW has unique design and care needs that require a certified and experienced mechanic to repair. While you can check your car from signs of damage, never try to repair it by yourself if you don’t know the basics of VW care. You might even damage your car more than repair it. Even car mechanics require certification before they take in Volkswagens.

Fuel Efficiency Tips

In addition, here are simple steps to make your car more fuel efficient and save on gas.

  • Drive smoothly – Avoid sudden stopping, speeding or accelerating your car quickly. Relax and let it flow.
  • Clean your filters regularly – Clean filters provide more efficient air intake.
  • Proper engine maintenance – Schedule maintenance for your car to know if there are issues.
  • Adequate tire pressure – Well inflated tires roll smoothly adding speed to your car.
  • Lighten your load – Free your car from unnecessary stuff.
  • Only use fluids approved for Volkswagens – VWs have unique needs from other cars. There are some fluids that work for common cars but not for VWs.
  • Speed control – Keep your acceleration smooth and limit your speed within 60mph to save fuel.
  • Don’t idle if possible – Idling your car still uses fuel without getting you somewhere.
  • Organize your trips

Keep your VW in good shape by following these tips. Also, try to learn more about your unique car so you know how to handle it well.

Discover The Hidden Beauty of Australia’s East Coast

Australia is home to untouched natural environment, rich wildlife and scenic landscapes. No wonder many tourists pick this as their top travel destinations. With such as short time, you’d really get lost in thoughts on where to go and what to do on this magnificent place.

To help you decide, let’s start with the East Coast. Even this area is so vast it is filled with plenty of tourist destinations one must never miss. To make the most out of your East Coast tours, here are some of the best things to do on your trip.

Visit the Great Barrier Reef

If you love scuba diving or snorkelling then you must never miss this out. Discover the hidden beauty of this natural underwater beauty. The mixture of colourful corals and rich marine life will make you feel like you’re in a magical dimension. You can even take photos with these marine creatures if you’re lucky.

Explore the Whitsundays

Whitsundays is home to 74 scenic islands you’ll surely love to explore one by one. Go night sailing and relax under the beautiful night sky filled with stars. Such a great sight to behold! You may also try one of the high-class island resorts on Whitsundays and treat yourself to endless buffets, swim-up bars, beachside lounges and exciting watersports.

Experience Whitehaven Beach

This untouched beauty will surely leave you in awe. It’s pure, fine, white sand drives tourists to flock on this beach especially on summers. However, don’t even try to take sand from it because it’s illegal.

Learn About Its Indigenous Culture

The best way to experience life in a certain place is by knowing more about its history and culture. Go for an indigenous tourism experience in East Coast by visiting Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park. It is located in Cairns and you could really learn a lot about Australian indigenous culture through traditional dances, didgeridoo playing, dot painting, and many more fun activities.

Experience the Australian Country Life

Aside from stunning beaches, Australia’s East Coast is also known for its laid-back country life. It is one of the best ways to unwind from the busy city life. Experience horse-back riding, bonfires, and eat home-cooked meals in a farm house to feel the carefree Australian country life.

Go Paddleboarding

If you’re in for watersports, stand-up paddleboarding is one of the fun things to do during summer in the East Coast. Lake Mackenzie boasts immaculately clear waters with currents perfect to show-off your paddleboarding skills.

Visit Surfer’s Paradise

This place is always on top of surfers’ destination. Its home to numerous beaches you’ll certainly be able to choose one that suits your surfing preference. Aside from surfing, you may also enjoy sunbathing, biking or simply strolling along the beach.

Appreciate the Beauty of Natural Bridge

This bridge is one of the top places to visit in Springbrook National Park. Watch the majestic waterfall along with natural rock formations and be amazed by Mother Nature’s best. Try visiting it at night and see the basalt cave splendidly lit by glow-worms.

There’s still more to East Coast than you could ever imagine. Don’t waste time and start exploring its beauty one at a time.