Essential Boating Items for your Pre-Departure Checklist

Many people have a create checklists to make everything a lot easier: from grocery shopping and even preparing for a trip. If you love boating, packing up your stuff before heading to the waters is a common thing for you.

However, it is still more convenient if you have a simple checklist to follow to be sure that you don’t forget anything, even the small things. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or still starting out, this pre-departure checklist will surely help you prepare everything without being stressed out.

Safety Gears

First of all, you need safety gears for everyone in the boat especially if you’re sailing with companions. You should have one life vest per person or even a throw able flotation device if you have a bigger vessel. Being ready in case of emergency is better than being caught off-guard. Always look for quality safety gears and marine supplies when choosing for boating gears.


Before operating your boat in the waters, be sure that you have complete registration papers for it. Carry these documents with you whenever you go sailing so you’ll be ready in case of inspections. Keep them in a sealed or waterproof container and store in a dry place.

Daily Provision

When you go out boating, you’ll be spending hours or even the entire day on the waters. Food and drinks are the basics that you need to bring with you. Be sure to have enough food and water for everyone aboard. You can also have fruits such as watermelons and oranges for an extra boost of hydration during sunny days. Don’t forget to have carried a sun block lotion and a bug repellent to keep you comfortable during your journey.

Extra Line and Knife

These two come in handy when you’re sailing. You could use the knife to cut a lot of things such as ropes, stuck seaweed, or fishing lines that get entangled in the propeller. Extra lines also are useful especially when you need to attach your boat somewhere. For instance, if you decide to raft up or drop by a waterfront, you can tie your boat conveniently where you want it.

Anchor and Chain

While some people don’t bring these items with them on the boat, it is still wiser to take them as pre-departure essentials. Aside from letting you anchor your boat steady for a relaxing lunch or staying for a party, you can also use this to hold your boat’s position when you need a tow in case something wrong happens.

Repair Kit

You should always have an emergency repair kit with you on the boat, whether you’re sailing far or just close. You could surely do repairs immediately if you have the essential tools and some spare parts in case you need to replace some. Be sure that you know some basic boat repair skills as well.

When you have all those things ready before heading out, you can be sure that your boating adventure will be a smooth and convenient one.

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