How To Make The Most Of Your Trip To Croydon

Croydon is more than just a little town in Queensland. It has one of the most interesting histories in Australia and is still rich in culture. The township is also home to beautiful parks and gorgeous heritage sites. Furthermore, the people are so lovely. However many tourists fall into the trap of just visiting a few places or using Croydon as a stop for a few hours on their trip to somewhere else. However the city offers so much more. And if you know the following you will be able to make the most out of your journey to this beautiful town.

Speak To The Locals

First thing first. The spirit of the town depends on the personality and hospitality of the people who reside within its area. And Croydon has some of the most wonderful people you can ever meet. Nearly all of them are very friendly and hospitable. Many are also always open for a quick chat. This friendly and sociable nature of the townsfolk can make anyone feel as if they are home away from home. You would never feel left out and there is always a helping hand when you need it. So when you have some time, speak to the locals and get to know the wonderful place that is this town. You may be surprised by the stories some of then have to tell. Tales of old, jokes, you will be entranced by them. Furthermore they can help you find interesting local spots that are not on brochures. They will also recommend an amazing Croydon restaurant for you to enjoy a meal in.

Visit The Gold Mines

This wonderful town has existed for a long time. However, in the 1800s it was famous across Australia as one of the major spots for gold. Gold mining was done a lot in Croydon and its surrounding areas as the town became highly populated and enjoyed much wealth and fame. Of course as the gold started to run out, the population reduced. Now centuries later, the gold mines can still be found and some of them still have the old equipment and tools that were used in the mining process. Some of the mines can be accessed for a small fee or even for absolutely free. If you visit the mining museum you will be able to see even more artefacts and learn about the golden history of this wonderful town. Therefore grab your camera and plan out a trip to the mines.

Visit The Beautiful Parks And Lakes In The Town

Croydon has a very rich and diverse ecosystem and a variety of species of plants. You can see these in their marvellous glory in the parks and areas by the lakes that are there within the town. Lake Belmore is a nature lover’s paradise not only is the lake beautiful with crystal clear waters of the brightest blue, but it is surrounded by a variety of plants and trees. Furthermore many animals and birds flock to the lake to cool off, therefore  making it a must visit for nature lovers everywhere.

Ultimately this town is a wonderful place to visit and you should make sure to do the above so you can have a trip you will remember.

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