Main Attractions in Melbourne You Should Not Miss

Melbourne is one of the most beautiful cities, not just in Australia, but in the entirety of the world. It is a melting pot of art, culture, food, music and history and people just love to visit it and see its beauty and refined diversity up close. If you are on your way to Melbourne, there are main sights and attractions that you should never miss out on. Here are some of the best and popular Melbourne attractions that you need to go to when you visit this majestic city.

Make the Tour As Easy As Possible

Beforegoing out to enjoy the beautiful city of Melbourne, make sure that everythingabout your trip is made easy so that you can save yourself from all the stressthat can root from travel issues and unpreparedness. If you are not sure ofwhether your destination will be, it is always best to get the transportservices of local guides who can help you find your way. You can get theservices of
airport transfers Melbourne to besure that you are traveling safely and save time so you can make the most ofyour tour.

The Federation Square

Situatedat the heart of the city, the Federation Square can be found on top of busyrailway lines. It houses at least 2,000 events yearly which is why a lot of people are always coming andgoing in this busy and vigorous area of the city. It holds festivals, fashionshows, concerts and even exhibitions attended by different folks aroundMelbourne and those from foreign countries. It has an Atrium that is fivestories high with beautiful walls and metals in its exterior.

The Melbourne Aquarium

TheMelbourne Sea Life Aquarium or simply known as Melbourne Aquarium is dividedinto areas wherein a specific form of marine life is emphasized. It houses morethan 10,000 creatures. The building has four levels and guests go through themas they follow a route where they can navigate on their own. The encounterswith the animals as well as state of the art facilities are some of the mainreasons as to why this attraction is apopular choice among tourists and locals alike.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market has been around since the late 1800s. It is open for the public duringTuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays andSundays and is closed every Monday and Wednesday. This market has varioussections and halls such as the Deli Hall and Meat Hall, among others. You canfind a lot of produce in this place, ranging from the regulars to the moreexotic ones. Apart from that, this market is also known for its organic sectionwhere organic produce is available. Of course, the market will not becomplete without the general merchandise where various products such asgadgets, jewelry and leather items can be found. QueenVictoria Market is best to visit to have a look and taste of what living in Melbourne as a local is really like.

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