Preparing Your Car for an Off-Road Trip

Road trips are an enjoyable time for the whole family. But you need to make sure that your vehicle is prepared properly so that you don’t experience any vehicle issues during the trip. So there are basic checks that you can carry out which will ensure that you have a safe and comfortable vacation.

You need to keep up on your vehicle maintenance and make sure there are no underlying issues that you have not taken care of. One of the parts of the car that is exposed to constant wear and tear is tyres and you need to make sure that they are in good repair when you are taking the car on an off road trip. Some of the things you need to check are irregularities in the wear and tyre inflation. They should have even tread wear. If this is not the case, the tyre pressure may not be what is required.

So you need to check that the air pressure in the tyres is correct. If the vehicle is loaded with items, it is best to check the tyres at every stop to see if the tyre pressure is holding out. You also need to rotate your tyres from time to time to ensure that you get even wear. Make sure that you check for any damage on the tyres and whether there are gouges or bulges on the tyre that might affect the performance of the tyre.

One of the problems you will face on a long trip is overheating. A good solution for this is a transmission cooler. It will reduce the risks of overheating and extend the life of your equipment. It can be mounted next to your vehicle radiator. The transmission fluid will be cooled when it comes into contact with the series of plates or fins in the cooler. There are different models of coolers such as plate and fin, tube and fin, and stacked plate.

You also need to check vehicle fluids and ensure their maintenance. Transmission fluid needs to be replaced after a good 100,000 miles after your service. This will depend on the type and make of the car as well. It is best to check the transmission fluid level regularly and go according to your owner’s manual when topping it up. When transmission fluid is not replaced, the debris that collects in the fluid over time can reduce performance of your transmission.

Other types of fluids you need to check on are engine oil, coolant, windshield wiper fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid. The owner’s manual will specify the intervals at which you should replace your fluids. You can also check the type of engine oil you should use with your vehicle in the owner’s manual and the frequency that you need to replace it. When you are changing oil, it is best to change the oil filter as well.

You need to make sure that routine maintenance is carried out in your car such as changing air filters, belts and hoses etc. You also need to ensure that the lighting is up to standards and that there are no bulbs that need to be replaced.

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