Why Should Sri Lanka Be Your Next Vacation Destination?

Everybody wants to go on a relaxing and amazing vacation. After all, when you work 8 hours a day it only feels right to have a wonderful vacation that the money that you spend seems worth every cent. While many tend to go to Europe or the Eastern Part of Asia, there is a country that is just downright stunning and will provide you with a fulfilling experience. It may not be very popular internationally but the experience that you get here is like no other. If you have not guessed it yet, that is Sri Lanka.  It is called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Here is why you should make it your next vacation destination.

The Beaches Are Beautiful

Sri Lanka is an island. Therefore, it is surrounded by the beautiful Indian Ocean and is home to some of the loveliest beaches you can find. From the golden Unawatuna beach in Galle to the beautiful white sands of the Passikudah beach, you are spoilt for choices. Whether you want to go for a swim in the waves, dive to see the ocean life or even surf to your heart’s content, there is a place for you. The Arugam bay located in the Southeast of the country is beloved by many as it is the perfect surfing beach. With large waves and soft sand, it is the perfect beach for surfers. If you want to visit many beaches as possible you can always consider touring Sri Lanka with a guide so they can show you the best spots.

The Tea Is to Die For

There is no tea like Ceylon tea. Rich and dark, the tea is beloved by people across the world and remains the country’s most popular export. So, if you visit this country make sure to visit the tea estates and take a look for yourself at the process of making tea. Some tea estates would let you actually visit the tea plantation and handpick leaves. Furthermore, tea in Sri Lanka is grown at many different altitudes and the brew tastes different depending on where the tea is sourced from. Therefore, take the opportunity to try out different teas and find the one that speaks to your soul.

Be Ready for A Rich Culinary Experience

The country is home to many different ethnicities and religions thus making the choices of food very diverse and interesting. From South Indian influences coming in from the Tamil ethnicity to the delicious curries and snacks from the moors to the spicy dishes of the Sinhalese, and many more, it is a food lover’s paradise. There is so much you can indulge in, so many different flavours and all of them are mouth-watering.

Be Ready for Clean Streets

Unlike some other parts of Asia, Sri Lanka has a huge focus on cleanliness. The streets are rarely dirty and throwing garbage on sidewalks is frowned upon. Thus, if you like hygiene and cleanliness Sri Lanka is the country for you.

The Hospitality

Another thing the country is famous for is the locals’ hospitality. The majority of the population are very helpful regardless of whether you are a foreigner or a local. No matter the time of the days you will be greeted with a smile and an eagerness to help. Furthermore, while Sinhala is the official language, the majority of the population can speak English in varying degrees of fluency. So, you can always talk to someone without any trouble.

So what are you waiting for? Travel to Sri Lanka and make the vacation destination of your dreams.

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